Agate Place Cards / Wedding Favors


Spice up your party with these elegant agate slices with your guests' names hand-written on them. These place cards can double up as favors and keepsakes for the guests.

Each piece ranges from 6-8 centimeters in length.

[Agate Colors]
Available in a variety of gorgeous hues. Please note that pieces of the same color will still differ in hues and patterns, which give each piece its unique charm.

[Ink Colors]
Available in waterproof white or gold ink.

Colors available: natural, pink, purple, blue, green, black
Add last name and/or table number - an extra HK$5
Add gold or silver edge - extra HK$8

[How to order]
**Before ordering, please email me at so I can create your custom order. After I receive your guest list, your order will be ready for pick-up in 2-3 weeks.

This price excludes shipping. Quote of the shipping cost will be provided after you've placed your order.