Nibs - Pack of 3


So you started with a Nikko G and now want to give other nibs a try? Here's a pack of 3 that have different characteristics:

- Zebra G
- Leonardt Steno blue pumpkin
- Gillott's 170

Zebra G has a similar flexibility as Nikko G but is able to create thinner hairlines, hence greater contrast between your thick and thin strokes.

Leonardt Steno blue pumpkin is my favorite to use with thicker ink, e.g. metallic ink. It is much more flexible so would require a lighter touch.

Gillott's 170 is very smooth and flexible. It can create very fine hairlines as well as big swells.

These 3 nibs come in a near little glass jar for easy storage.

Price includes local shipping (without tracking) within Hong Kong.